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  • Live Sessions Update!


    Its been a crazy few weeks at Raggies Live. Loads of music & wild parties! The Live Sessions have grown steadily sometimes stretching two to three hours after its original ending slot.

    There are so many musicians and supporters to thank we will skip the list and say – You know who you are, your contribution is invaluable & you are forever on our “cool list”.

    Check out some pics below for a little glimpse into our world. Taken with Bevy’s cell cam. (Time for an upgrade Bev! haha jk)


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  • Sunday Live Sessions update!


    Another successful and packed Sunday Live Sessions! Thanks to our host Bevy for all her efforts.

    Huge selection of musicians and two comedy acts thrown into the mix. Some of the highlights included:

    1. Morgan, Bantu and James – Amazing jam, Bantu let loose on the mic and got the place hopping!

    2. Cindy doing another fantastic rendition of Zombie and entertaining the crowd with her amazing vox.

    3. Maiza, Morgan, J.B. – Maiza did “Raggies” song again! Just FAB!

    4. Jaun-Pierre Venter (guitar) better than ever!

    5. LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT (Morgan & James Mallinson) New original music from local maestros Morgan (vox/drums) and […]

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  • Sunday Sessions Update



    Our little Sunday Open Mic event keeps growing and growing. This week we saw five entertainers jump the stage, good times was had by all! Some amazing talent in this part of the world. What a pleasure to be part of it. Here’s who all joined:

    1. MAYZA (punter shooting pool who suddenly jumped on stage – just loved it!)


    3. J.P – Yip, even the Raggies Management has talent!

    4. CINDY SCHENK – Another Sunday favourite and part of the Raggies crew. A shining star in the making!

    5. […]

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  • We’re live!


    Welcome to our new site! After months of hard work and brainstorming we are finally live – but far from finished!

    We’ll keep working and improving the site based on your feedback, so please let us know if you have any suggestions. In the meantime sign up for email updates if you want to stay up to date with what’s happening at your favourite bar!

    Big thanks to Marius from Loom Development Studio for his hard work! Browse around at your leisure and please remember to bookmark and come back often to check out our various offerings.

    You might notice¬†we’re still […]

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